Professional Transcription Services in English

Interview Transcription Services

Accurate, timely and reliable interview transcription services

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Legal Transcription Services

Our legal transcribers have specialist knowledge of legal terminology and procedures

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Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription of reports, medical records, lectures and letters, etc.

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Full Audio Transcriptions

With this service you can rest assured that  you will receive an accurate transcription of your audio recording

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Edited Transcriptions

Edited transcriptions for board, legal or other kinds of meetings

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Translation of Transcriptions

We can translate transcriptions into more than a hundred languages

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A leader in transcription and linguistic services

With more than 40 years of experience, Optilingua is a leader among transcription and language service providers. In addition to its numerous subsidiaries, the group works with transcription and language professionals based around the world.

Transcriptions in other languages

Transcriptions in German

Professional transcription services in German

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Transcriptions in French

Professional transcription services in French

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Transcriptions in Italian

Professional transcription services in Italian

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Transcriptions in Spanish

Professional transcription services in Spanish

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Transcriptions in English

Professional transcription services in English

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Transcriptions in other languages

Professional transcription services in many languages

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Transcribe an interview

Have you recorded an audio or video interview and now want to turn it into a clear, usable written text?

Translate audio to text

Have you recorded an audio exchange in one language, and want to convert it to written format in another? Discover our step-by-step tips on how to translate audio into text and get a high-quality end result.


Add english subtitles to video

The video format has become very popular in many sectors of activity. Whether for promotional, educational or informative purposes, videos are very popular on the web, and especially on social networks.