Audio transcription services

Audio transcription services

Would you like to convert an audio file into a written document? Our transcription agency Optiwords provides you with high-quality audio transcription services, carried out by qualified professionals, in a hundred different languages.


When is audio transcription needed?

Audio transcription is often needed by companies wishing to produce written documents (minutes, reports, etc.) to clarify the points discussed, during a professional meeting or a general assembly for example.

Voice transcription is also essential in a legal context (hearings, trials, legal proceedings, etc.).

Finally, voice-to-text transcription is sometimes necessary in certain professions. This is particularly the case in the medical sector (with the audio transcription of consultation or medical reports, etc.) and in journalism (transcription of interviews, speeches, conferences, etc.).

In general, the majority of the requests are for transcripts of interviews for scientific evaluation and analysis, required by students, universities or other scientific or public institutions.

To ensure the quality, fluency and accuracy of the audio transcription, you should use a professional transcriber.


Optiwords audio transcription agency

At Optiwords, we provide audio transcription services for a wide range of sectors (medical, legal, journalistic, financial, etc.).

The transcriptions of the audio recordings are made by professionals with a perfect command of the language concerned. The text is written in accordance with the original audio recording. Our transcribers are familiar with your industry and know the terminology specific to your field of expertise.

The services are carried out with the utmost confidentiality and within the set deadlines. If necessary, we can also sign a confidentiality agreement.

On request, we can also put you in touch with qualified professionals who can translate your audio recordings.


FAQ about audio transcription services

You can send us your audio recording in the original format. We can process many different media: MPEG; AVI; WMV; WAV; AIFF; MP3; AAC... However, the recording must be audible and usable by the transcriber.

There are many ways to convert audio into text. For example, you can use automatic transcription software, both free and paid, to do this. However, you should be wary of using this type of speech converter, as the quality is rarely good. The safest thing to do is to use transcription specialists, especially if you are dealing with professional content. This guarantees a reliable, error-free transcription.

The price of an audio transcription varies according to criteria such as the length of the recording; the type of content (the price will not be the same for a legal, technical, medical or commercial transcription); the quality of the original audio file; the deadline for completion... Please request a quote online.