Russian Transcription Services

Russian Transcription Services

Do you need to convert audio into text in Russian/Cyrillic or from Russian into English? With Optiwords, you will benefit from the expertise of professional, native Russian-speaking transcribers for a reliable transcription of your audio and video content.


Transcribing content into Russian with Optiwords

Russian is a Slavic language with 280 million speakers: it is the 8th most spoken language in the world and is spoken in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which has 33 letters.  

The most reliable way to get a high-quality Russian transcription is to use the services of experienced, native transcribers.

At Optiwords, our transcribers have a perfect command of Russian, their mother tongue, in both written and spoken form. They work with accuracy, confidentiality and professionalism, to guarantee you a Russian transcription that you can use with confidence with your Russian-speaking clients, business partners and colleagues.

We can also carry out translations for transcriptions from Russian into English, to transcribe your video and audio content from a source language to a target language.


The different types of transcriptions in Russian / Cyrillic

Below are the different services we provide for your Russian transcription needs and objectives:

Full transcription (verbatim)

Verbatim transcription, also known as full or word-for-word transcription, is the most complete form of transcription available. It consists of an exhaustive transcription of oral content into written form. The final text will include repetitions, hesitations and other features of the spoken language. The aim is to obtain a written version that is as faithful as possible to the oral version. The text will also include elements such as applause, laughter, onomatopoeia, throat clearing, etc. Your transcriber can also insert time codes to enable you to easily find specific areas in the recording.

Audio and video transcription

We can provide audio and video transcription in Russian/Cyrillic for all types of content including conferences, interviews, reports, corporate meetings, general assemblies, video conferences, telephone exchanges, podcasts, promotional or corporate videos, etc.

Interview transcription

Interviews with an expert, sociological interviews and scientific interviews are examples of interviews that our professional transcribers can transcribe in Russian in audio or video format, regardless of the number of participants present during the conversation.

Legal transcription

We also offer legal transcription services in Russian/Cyrillic, to convert audio files into written format including legal documents, court instructions, affidavits, witness statements, bailiffs’ reports, court referrals, etc. Your legal recording is entrusted to a specialist professional transcriber with sound knowledge of the legal field. They will transcribe the audio content and technical terminology with the utmost accuracy and will work in the strictest confidence.

Medical transcription

Our transcription agency Optiwords can also transcribe medical audio and video content in Russian or from Russian into English such as diagnoses, medical records, symposia, medical reports, voice notes, medical reports, etc. A professional transcriber, who is an expert in medical transcription, will carefully transcribe medical terminology and all audio content, in complete confidentiality.


FAQ about Russian/Cyrillic transcription services

You can send us your content in Russian in the audio or video format of your choice: MPEG; AVI; WAV; AIFF; MP3; AAC; MP4; AVI; MOV... We just ask that you send us a good quality audio file, so that our professional transcribers can transcribe it.

The cost of a Russian transcription or from Russian into English varies according to factors such as the length of the audio or video sent, the subject matter of the content to be transcribed, as well as any specific requests from the client, such as an urgent transcription, or a request for a translation of a transcription.

There are several methods of transcription in Russian. One is transcription using automatic software. Although inexpensive, this solution rarely produces a reliable result and there are often errors in the final text. The safest way to get a good quality, accurate and intelligible Russian transcription is to have it done by an experienced professional transcriber.