Transcription Services in Japanese

Transcription Services in Japanese

Are you looking for a reliable, high-quality solution for converting audio content into Japanese text format? Our transcription agency Optiwords offers Japanese transcription services carried out by native speakers for all types of content: interviews, conferences, business meetings, corporate videos, etc.


Transcribing content into Japanese with Optiwords

Spoken by 128 million people worldwide, Japanese is a very common language, but it is also very complex and difficult to master.

Although there are some free automatic Japanese transcription solutions on the market, these programs rarely deliver quality content. Given the complexity of this Asian language, it is therefore strongly recommended that you use a professional, native Japanese transcriber. This will ensure that the text is accurate, fluent, and free of typos.

At Optiwords, we will provide you with a professional, experienced native transcriber who is thorough, meticulous, and professional. These transcribers work with the utmost confidentiality and have the necessary linguistic and writing skills to deliver a high-quality Japanese transcription that you are able to use immediately.


The different types of transcription in Japanese

We offer several Japanese transcription services to meet the different needs of our clients:

Full transcription (verbatim)

Also known as word-for-word transcription or verbatim transcription, full transcription consists of transcribing the entire audio content in written form, with the greatest possible accuracy. The professional transcriber scrupulously reproduces the speech in Japanese, including any redundancies, hesitations and linguistic clumsiness (unless otherwise requested by the client), but also the sounds and noises of the audience (applause, laughter, reactions, onomatopoeia, etc.). In addition, the transcriber ensures that the text includes time markers.

Full transcription is the most accurate type of transcription available.

Audio and video transcription

Seminars, journalistic interviews, business meetings, video conferences, general assemblies... We can provide audio and video transcription of all your content in Japanese, whatever it may be.

Interview transcription

You can also choose to entrust the transcription of your interviews in Japanese to our professional transcribers. They are able to transcribe all types of audio, regardless of the number of speakers, the context, and the subject of the exchange: scientific interviews, sociological interviews, expert interviews, telephone interviews, academic research interviews, etc.

Legal transcription

Are you a notary, lawyer, or other legal professional? We are also able to carry out the legal transcription of your audio and video files in Japanese, such as legal deeds,  witness statements, judicial instructions, and affidavits etc. 

Medical transcription

Our teams are also able to transcribe your medical audiovisual files into Japanese including symposiums, medical voice notes, and reports, etc. Your content is processed by professionals who have a perfect command of the technical terminology of the sector, for a high-quality result.


Answers to your questions about professional Japanese transcription

The price of a Japanese transcription varies greatly. Indeed, there are many factors that  affect the cost such as the duration of the recording, the theme, and the level of complexity of the subject etc. You can request a free quote online to find out how much your Japanese transcription will cost and we will reply as soon as possible.

You can send us your audio or video file in Japanese in the format of your choice (AAC, MP4, AVI, MP3, MOV...). However, please make sure that the audio is intelligible and free of interference or crackling so that we can transcribe it.

Today, there are several ways to transcribe audio content into text format: free online software, manual transcription, etc. However, professional transcription remains the safest way to guarantee the quality of the final document. You will be guaranteed a reliable and secure Japanese transcription that can be used with complete confidence.