Greek Transcription Services

Greek Transcription Services

Conferences, interviews, podcasts, seminars, business meetings, etc. Our transcription agency Optiwords provides Greek transcription services for all types of audio or video content. Your Greek recording will be entrusted to a qualified, native-speaking professional transcriber for a high-quality transcription.


Transcribing content into Greek with Optiwords

Greek is a Hellenic language with about 22 million speakers, mostly in Greece and Cyprus, where it is the official language. Greek is an ancient language with its own alphabet.

In order to obtain a faithful and qualitative transcription in Greek, you should use a professional native transcriber whose expertise will guarantee you a final transcription that is accurate, smooth and free of any typos.

At Optiwords transcription agency we have experienced native-speaking professional transcribers with advanced writing and linguistic skills. They work meticulously, accurately and with total confidentiality.

We can also carry out transcription translations from Greek into English or other languages (the audio file in the source language is transcribed and translated into written form in a target language).


The different types of Greek transcriptions

To meet our clients’ varying needs, we provide the following transcription services:

Full transcription (verbatim)

With a full transcription, or verbatim transcription, the transcriber will accurately reproduce the entire content in Greek, including repetitions, hesitations and language errors, as well as the sounds, noises and reactions of the speaker and the audience (laughter, onomatopoeia, applause, etc.). The transcriber will also place time markers in the final text to help with future searches of the recording. This is the most comprehensive form of transcription available.

Audio and video transcription

We are able to transcribe all types of audio or video files into Greek or from Greek into English including journalistic interviews, videoconferences, general meetings, seminars, and professional meetings, etc.

Interview transcription

Do you want to transcribe an interview with two, three or more people? Our professional transcribers will carry out the Greek transcription of your interviews including scientific, sociological, academic, professional, video or telephone interviews...

Legal transcription

Do you work as a notary, lawyer or jurist and would you like a Greek transcription of your legal content in audio or video format? We can provide you with the sectorial expertise of a professional Greek transcriber for all types of legal content such as legal deeds, court instructions, affidavits, witness statements, etc.

Medical transcription

Conferences, medical voice memos, medical reports, symposia... Entrust your medical audio and video content in Greek to our professional transcribers who have expertise in medical transcription and familiarity with healthcare-specific terminology.


FAQ about Greek transcription services

The cost of a Greek transcription depends primarily on the length of the recording, the subject of the transcription and the technical nature of the subject. An urgent transcription request or a request for a translation of a transcription may also affect the price of the Greek transcription. Request a free online quote to find out the cost of your Greek transcription.

You are free to send us your audio or video file in Greek in the format of your choice: MPEG; AVI; WAV; AIFF; MP3; AAC; MP4; AVI; MOV... Please check the quality of the recording beforehand: it must be perfectly intelligible so that our professional transcriber can process it properly.

There are several online automatic transcription programs that can provide a Greek transcription for free. However, the quality is rarely good, and the result can often be unreliable. Professional transcription by a native transcriber is the best way to ensure a high-quality Greek transcribed document.