Chinese transcription services

Chinese transcription services

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient transcription method to convert your audio content into Chinese in text format or into English? At our transcription agency, Optiwords, we have professional native transcribers who can provide you with a high-quality transcription or translation into English.


Transcribing content into Chinese with Optiwords

Chinese is the second most widely spoken language in the world after English, with more than 1.3 billion speakers in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

There are many linguistic variants of the Chinese languages, or Sinitic languages, which depend on the region: Mandarin, Cantonese, Min, Wu, Xiang, Gan, etc. Pinyin refers to the method used to transcribe Chinese languages in the Latin alphabet.

Chinese is a complex and subtle language with almost 50,000 ideograms. Using a professional native speaker is therefore necessary for an error-free Chinese transcription that is faithful to the spoken word.

Optiwords' transcribers have excellent writing skills, a high level of accuracy, an eye for detail and a perfect command of the Chinese language. Our teams can handle all types of audio or video content (conferences, podcasts, corporate or promotional videos, interviews, etc.), in Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.

We are also able to translate Chinese transcriptions into English or other languages: just send us an audio file in the source language and we will transcribe it into the target language of your choice.


The different types of Chinese transcriptions

We offer several transcription services in Chinese, and they include:

Full transcription (verbatim)

This type of transcription will render your audio exchanges in written form with a high degree of accuracy. It is a word-for-word transcription, which incorporates every word, but also includes elements such as background noise, applause, hesitations, laughter, etc.

A professional transcriber will also identify any redundancies and the inevitable clumsiness and errors in language and they will indicate time markers in the transcript to make it easier to find extracts in the original audio or video.

Audio and video transcription

We can handle all types of audio or video content in Chinese, whatever the format, such as podcasts, journalistic interviews, scientific discussions, business meetings, seminars, and symposiums etc.

Interview transcription

Our professional transcribers can also carry out Chinese transcriptions of interviews, with two or more people including scientific interviews, sociological interviews, video interviews, telephone interviews, and interviews for a thesis or dissertation...

Legal transcription

Are you a legal professional who wants to transcribe legal audio or video content into Chinese or translate it into English? Legal documents, witness statements, court proceedings, affidavits, contracts... Whatever the document, we can provide you with the expertise of a professional Chinese transcriber who has a solid knowledge of the legal field and familiarity with the terminology specific to the sector.

Medical transcription

Our range of transcription services also includes medical transcription in Chinese by a professional native transcriber with expertise in medical transcription. We can handle medical content such as conference recordings, symposiums, medical reports, medical voice notes, medical diagnoses...


FAQ about transcription services in Chinese

Using a professional Chinese transcriber is highly recommended if you need to share a Chinese transcription with clients, partners or colleagues on the Chinese market. You will be guaranteed a fluid Chinese transcription, which is usable straightaway and which will help preserve your company’s image and brand. You will have the added assurance that your transcriber is an expert in the Chinese dialect used in the original content (Mandarin, Cantonese...).

We can process content in any format, audio and video: MPEG; AVI; WAV; AIFF; MP3; AAC; MP4; AVI; MOV... We simply ask that you check the quality of the audio before sending it to us. It must be intelligible, free of interference, and crackles and echoes to allow the transcriber to process it properly.

The price of a Chinese to English transcription will vary according to the length of the recording and the degree of complexity of the content (medical, legal, generalist, scientific, etc.). In addition, the rate may be adjusted, for example, if a client needs an urgent transcription or a translation of a transcription. Request a free online quote to find out the exact cost of your Chinese transcription.